Welcome FIBE’s freshmen - A promising start!

Buddy System Program promises unforgettable memories to all members of FIBE family
On 8th September 2012, students of Faculty of International Business and Economics - VNU University of Economics and Business, had intimate warm meeting and interesting exchange entitled “Welcome, new comers!” which was held at UEB campus. This is the opening activity for Buddy System program of the Faculty.

As the cradle of meaningful Buddy System program, The Faculty of International Business and Economics continues to hold this activity in an exciting atmosphere from the beginning. In comparison with previous activities, second-year students have a significant improvement in terms of scripts, organization, especially the discussion between lecturers and freshmen students.
At the meeting, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen XuanThien - Vice Dean of the Faculty attended and brought useful information to help the freshman further understand about of the Faculty and get ready for a new studying environment. The meeting became more exciting and comfortable with the discussion and suggestions among attendants.
Next, first-year students were immersed in funny and vivid atmosphere of team building games. It is also supposed to be the academic environment and lively activities that freshmen will be experienced in the next 4 year. 

Assco.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Xuan Thien friendly discuss with FIBE students

Chu Phuong Thao (QH-2012-E International Economics) shared: “At first, I feel a little nervous because of unfamiliar senior students, new friends and new school. Moreover, my class has just met one other for a couple of times, that brought us fewer opportunities to interact with other members. However, after getting along with enthusiastic and friendly senior students, I feel easier to connect with everyone."
In addition to help the freshmen get acquainted with new environment, organizers will continue to support them  in the next two weeks to fully adjust university environment.
Hoang Tuong Vi (QH-2012-E International Economics) excitedly said:
“I feel really happy and lucky when I am supported by senior students. It will help us attain more knowledge about the UEB, our Faculty, learning program and other students’ clubs.”

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