GPAC 2012 - Experience of a trip

From 27 August to 2 September at Seoul National University, Korea, the forum of GPAC 2012 was organized with the participation of 7 universities from 5 countries including: Seoul National University (Korea), VNU University of Economics and Business (Vietnam), Chiba University of Commerce, Meio University, Keio University (Japan), National Chengchi University (Taiwan) and The College of Management Academic Studies (Israel).

Participating in GPAC 2012, VNU-UEB delegation had 20 students led by Dr. Pham Thi Hong Diep including 3 QH-2009-E Business Administration students and 16 other students from Faculties of International Business and Economics, Banking - Finance and Political Economics. Overall, we have had a successful and meaningful week in Korea.


VNU-UEB Team at GPAC 2012

GPAC was initiated in 1991 by Prof. Min Sang Ki (College of Business Administration of Seoul National University) and Prof. Haruo Shimada (Chiba University of Commerce, Japan). GPAC was proposed to encourage students to become Northeast Asian leaders and to active interact with one another. Every year, students from universities of Korea, Japan, Vietnam and Taiwan join GPAC as an annual event, specially this year the College of Management from Israel starts joining the event.

Students of University of Economics and Business and Meio University at GPAC 2012

Our research topics in fields of business administration such as “Implementing lean manufacturing in Vietnamese enterprises” and other 6 topics related to International Trade, Macro-economics, International Finance, Environment Economics… have been highly appreciated by professors as well as international friends. Through the presentations, we were proud to say that Vietnamese students are equal to international students in English, professionalism and presentation skills. However, we need more confidence to express our views and common knowledge about Asian culture and history.
In addition, the group presentations under the theme of “Rethinking Capitalism” was the spotlight of GPAC 2012. Groups of students were asked to come up with creative solutions to the topic: Financial regulations, Derivatives, Welfare and Key currency.
GPAC 2012 in Seoul has left unforgettable memories of the last summer in our student’s life. Besides the official seminars, we also have the opportunities to visit the beautiful Seoul - a crowded but also romantic city. Although we were surprised and shy when first talking to international friends, during the time in Seoul, we discussed together about our presentation and we can get to know more about each other and become close friends.
“All good things come to an end”, GPAC 2012 is no exception. The last day at the GPAC 2012 really was a memorable day full of with memories. All groups seemed to strive for perfect moments together to play beside the Han River and other scenic Seoul from above, sitting together in the middle of the night to talk about our dreams and plans after graduation. Opportunity to meet and become friends is because of a reason, it would be difficult for everyone to sit down together, work together and have fun together the GPAC 2012; therefore these moments will become unforgettable memories of youth. Thank you for everything, the day is not far away we will meet again somewhere in this small world.

 City tour (Han River)

Next year, GPAC 2013 will be held at Meio University, Japan, which is expected to be a promising event with the explosion of ideas and full of enthusiasm. Those who are ready to attend GPAC 2013, what I want to say to you are: Just do it and meet new friends and have interesting experiences.

Pham Hien - Thu Hoai

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