Exchanging with Waseda University students - a trip full of discoveries

UEB students presenting at the dialogue
Within the scope of the cooperation program between VNU-UEB and Waseda University (Japan), eight UEB students had an useful trip full of memories from 24 to 29 September 2012 to Japan.

In this exchanging trip, students of the two universities had an exciting discussion on the topic: “Reforming State-owned enterprises in Vietnam and China”. Presentations approaching the topic from different aspects brought about multi-dimensional perspectives to this interesting yet tricky topic.
The presentation by UEB students provided an overview of the process of reforming state-owned enterprises in Vietnam with specific development stages, evaluating achievements and pending issues among Vietnamese state-owned companies. The presentation has gained attention and excitement from Japanese students by introducing two state-owned corporations of Vietnam, Viettel and Vinashin.
Meanwhile, Waseda University students focused on analyzing reforms of domestic electric ware industry - which in their judgment is a potential industry and should be made State-owned corporations. Presentations received comments from representative lecturers of the two universities. Questions by students also created a frank, sincere and exciting learning atmosphere with various ideas and perspectives.
Through this forum, students of the two universities gained more understanding on the process of reforming state-owned enterprises in Vietnam. They are interested in alternatives and directions for the reforms in Vietnam to achieve more success in the future, meeting properly era’s requirements of the role of enterprises to domestic economy.

Students of VNU-UEB and Waseda universities in the field trip

Besides exchanging research programs, Vietnamese students had chance to explore more about the culture, the country and people of Japan through games in the “welcome party” hosted by Waseda university students, visit to ancient Asakusa,  Senso temple, Tokyo Skytree tower, as well as famous Japanese food.
One special point of this exchange visit was that UEB students had chance to stay and live with families of Waseda students. During their “home-stay”, UEB students understood more about the life and working style of Japanese people.
Sharing about the trip, UEB students said they had unforgettable experiences and useful lessons. Doan Ngoc Dieu Hang, student of high quality Foreign Economics class QH-2009-E shared: “I received warm hearts and reception from Waseda students as well as their families, they were always beside us”. Nguyen Ngoc Anh, student of high quality Foreign Economics class QH-2009-E is extremely exciting and happy with what she learnt from the discussions: “I learnt from their logical and scientific approach when they studied the topic. I also highly appreciated Waseda students’ viewpoints and I am grateful for the valuable contributions of teachers to the 2 presentations of students from both universities”.

Students of both universities taking photo at the Waseda university when saying goodbye

The program closed but unforgettable memories still remained in the hearts of students from both VNU-UEB and Waseda. Cooperation and facilitation of both universities created chance for students to exchange and learn from each other. This would be one of the memorable trips of each member.

Ngoc Anh - Huyen Le

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