Miss UEB draws attention at Uleague Contest

The regional qualifying round of students’ contest Uleague 2012 in the North of Vietnam has officially started with the first content: Miss Uleague.

Having joined the contest right from the first year, the Uleague team of VNU University of Economics and Business has always gained outstanding achievements. Following the success of the last two years, the UEB  Uleague team participated in all 3 contents: Futsal (indoor soccer), Cheerleading (ensemble and cheer) and Miss Student.
While Futsal team and Cheerleading team were still in the preparation for the opening day on 16th December 2012, Miss UEB - Hoang Thi Phuong Linh (QH-2012-E Development Economics) has started her first part of the content Miss Uleague. In North regional qualifying round , the University of Economics and Business was in Group B with VNU University of Social Sciences and Humanities, VNU University of Foreign Languages and University of Agriculture.
In the first part of Miss Uleague, Phuong Linh and other contestants were supposed to take photographs in free costume and sportswear. Linh chose herself white modern Ao Dai to reveal the charming beauty as well as her attractiveness. The IQ test started with four participants in Group A (Foreign Trade University, Hung Vuong University, Dai Nam University and Phuong Dong University). Next came the contestants from Group B. The representative from the VNU-UEB successfully finished this test with a score of 113 (ranked third after Miss Foreign Trade University with 124 and Miss University of Agriculture with 119 points).
After the IQ test, the candidate entered the eloquence contest. Each candidate had five minutes to talk on the subject of her choice and then answered the questions from the judges. The eloquence topic for Phuong Linh is "The third gender". The topic was not quite new, but still very interesting, besides other topics such as how to use English among the young people, emotionless disease. Phuong Linh was confident and made a good impression on the jury, though she was the final contestant.
In responding to the question by the actress, model Trang Nhung: "What if the Vietnam law does not accept same-sex marriage?", Linh said: "Possibly at the present, Vietnam law does not accept same-sex marriage, because it is still an unacceptable in Eastern culture. However, I believe that it is just a matter of time. It is possible that after decades or centuries, same-sex marriage will surely be accepted in Vietnam. It is not only a legal issue but also the issue of human rights ...“
Finishing the eloquence contest, the contestants continued with taking pictures of sport style, measuring physical size and outdoor photo shooting.
It is reported that on 16th December, the Uleague team of VNU University of Economics and Business is continuing to join other teams to compete three remaining contents at Hoang Mai district Sports Center, Hanoi.

Thuy Ngan - Hien Thu

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