Financial Students 2013 Contest

On 5 March 2013, the final round of Financial Students 2013 Contest hosted by UEB’s Faculty of Finance - Banking closed with the success went to Team F&B (Class QH-2010-E Finance - Banking).

The five teams 5 taking part in the final round were: F&B (QH-2010-E Finance), Friendly Accountants (QH-2010-E Accounting), Crazy Team (QH-2010-E Accounting), A Team (QH-2011-E Accounting), and one representative of QH-2012-EFinance, K57 Team. Among them, F&B  and A Team were the familiar name since the last financial students contest in 2012.
In the first competitive part of the contest was “Students’ Greeting”, in which the teams appeared after a clip posted on Youtube earlier. While the clip of the K57 Team brought with cheerful laughers through funny acting, clip of the A Team made the audiences eager in every minute with the secret student agents on duty. F&B with a clip followed the vlog trend (video blog) also made fun by describing the “debt” that students generally face. Meanwhile, Friendly Accountants sent the message of meaningful life.
The atmosphere turned to more dramatic in the part Students’ cleverness and the Talented students. In Students’ cleverness part, through body language and situations related to economy and finance - banking, each team in turn made a quiz for their competitor. The quizzed team would be challenged to find a word/phrase that described the situation. The part demonstrated the creativity and reasoning ability of the students.
In Talent students part, the teams had to solve a question in economy or business provided by the judges such as wage debt, competition among businesses, how to meet customers demand, how to harmonize the relationship between colleagues…
Through two competitive parts, financial - banking students expressed their knowledge by their flexible humorous and smart performances, thereby taking the audiences from this to that surprise.
During the three hours of the finale, the judges worked fairly and scoring thoroughly for each performance or answer. Lastly, first prize went to F&B, second prize for A Team, Friendly Accountants held third place, consolation prize went to K57 Team and Crazy Team. 

The judges of Financial Students 2013 Contest

Organizers award the prizes for the contestants.

Participating the second season, Financial Students Contest continued to receive the interest and support of the UEB leaders, staff and students. The contest was expected to become a remarkable activity of the faculty, forming a useful and lively playground for financial - banking students.

The contest once again leaves good impression to the participants.

My Duyen - Thu Nga

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