Stress relief techniques for students

Doctor Nguyen Huu Hien is giving advices to students
Stress relief techniques was one of the contents at conference “The impact of stress on students”, which attracted students’ interest, held by UEB’s Center for Students Service on 13 April 2013.

Stress is a common phenomenon in modern life. It is seen as the discomfort and pressure for everyone. The conference with the presence of Dr. Nguyen Huu Hien has brought helpful information to answer the “stress disease” of students.
Stress has four groups of causes: environment, family - society, physical factor (health) and negative thoughts, said Dr. Hien. Changes of the modern life lead to stress with varying degrees, which have positive or negative affects depending on the level of experience as well as people’s control ability.
To students, stress is caused by the changes and development, pressure of studying, lack of self-confidence, thoughts of money or sentiments in addition to nutrition facts. Dr. Hien analyzed the physical and mental signals of stress such as insomnia, weight loss, anxiety, depression, disconcentration, impaired learning…
On that basis, he offered advices for students to see that the expression of stress, depending on the severity of the conditions that students can apply different methods. Accordingly, students should practice positive thinking about life, learn to accept the reality - reducing standards to adapt the difference. An important technique for anyone under stress is to share with relatives, friends or participate in outdoor activities like sports, games or using support products.
Students have raised many questions relating to stress to Dr. Hien such as the connection between food and stress, symtoms of diseases caused by stress, treatment of headache and stress?


Issues of stress draw students’ attention

Responding to students’ questions, Dr. Hien gave advices to reduce stress, such as moderate eating, controlling the use of stimulants, identifying the cause of a headache whether it is pathological or stressful to have a suitable resolution. The doctor emphasized that the use of support product in some cases is necessary, but students should be cautious when using them.
The conference was one of the activities of the UEB’s Centre for Students Service, aiming to equip students of the university with soft skills, knowledge of society to prepare their practice, learning as well as their career after graduation. Previously, from February 27 to 30 March, the center also has collaborated with Youth Union to organize a training course on teamwork skills.

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