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On 13 April 2013, English Club BeONE (VNU University of Economics and Business) and Enci English Center held a workshop “Speak it right - Forget the Vietnamese English pronunciation” with the delivery by Nguyet Ca, who had years of experience in the practice of English pronunciation.

The workshop has attracted many students in Hanoi, who are interested of English and practicing English native accent.
Opening the workshop, Ms. Nguyet Ca analyzed English pronunciation common problems of Vietnamese. These are mistakes that most of the students have.
Ms. Nguyet Ca analyzed the difference between English and Vietnamese pronunciations. Many students participated in the workshop were surprised in recognizing themselves had been imposing Vietnamese pronunciation mode on English style, which made ​​it difficult to communicate with the natives because of pronunciation differences.
Next, the speaker provided the “correct” pronunciation criteria and the sound pauses in communication of the natives. This could be considered as the most interesting part which drew students’ excitement. In this section, all of the students have read aloud all together under the guidance of the speaker, bringing a lively atmosphere.
In addition, the speaker’s answers to questions about phonetic problems, communication experience with foreign were really helpful for the students to improve English communication skills.


Speaker Nguyet Ca (dark suite) with members of BeONE Club

At the workshop, the students have expressed their satisfaction with useful acquired knowledge and the souvenirs from BeONE Club and Enci English Center. BeONE has recorded the feedback and contributions from the participants, thereby helping the club improve the quality of their activities.
The workshop “Speak it right” was one of the supporting activities of the club in improving English skills in general as well as other soft skills to BeONE members. Previously, BeONE also held interesting activities with BEC English club of Bac Ha International University in “Amazing Race” in Hoan Kiem Lake area and the old quarters.
During the activity, the two clubs helped their members get the opportunity to communicate with foreigners, which enhance their listening and speaking ability. This was also an opportunity for BeONE members to meet and learn with English clubs from other university.

The member of English clubs (from VNU University of Economics and Business and Bac Ha International University) and foreign tourists in the “Amazing Race” program

Thu Trang - Danh Danh

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