Launching Flea market event with celebrities

The invited guests interact with the audience in the program
This is the launching event Flea market Mottainai Festival 2013 that took place at Indochina Plaza Trade Center on May 12th 2013 afternoon. The event is organized by Media Club MCC, VNU University of Economics and Business.

Joining in the event, the participants not only participated in converting old furniture but also had a chance to meet and interact with the guests as singer Khanh Linh, Sign In band, invited guest Vuong Anh (the Ole guy in the sitcom “The funny reporters”).
Before receiving the junk, the guests had interesting time to communicate with the audience, sharing the work, charitable activities and their thoughts about the program flea market (swap meet) entitled Mottainai.
The guests have said that the charity, community and environmental activities are practical and meaning program that people should be involved. Especially for young people, this is not just an opportunity for them to contribute to society, but also as a chance to express their abilities, conquer new things.
Joining the acquisition and valuation of second-hand from those who attended, the guests also bring things that they loved to exchange, thereby sending the sincere advice and message to the community.
 Within just 2 hours, accompanying Mottainai program in 2013 has left many impresses to people with the exchange.
Hai Yen (students of Hanoi University of Law) has said: “
I think this is a very meaningful program. Today I feel so lucky to come here and know this program. Because of not preparing in advance so I do not carry things, but coming May 18 I will bring a lot to change!”


A large number of pupils, students and citizens to participate in changing things

Event flea market with celebrities marked a successful start to the program Mottainai VNU 2013. Festival will officially begin at 8am on May 18th 2013. Come and join us!

Dieu Linh - Bich Ha

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