Farewell party of QH-2009-E Finance - Banking

Final year students together sing the song “For you and for me”
On 15 May 2013, UEB’s Faculty of Finance - Banking students has had a farewell party for QH-2009-E students. This was the meaningful gift and the farewell to students at their final year.

At the meeting, everyone seemed to melt in the excitement by great vocals, exciting dance by S-Dancing group, fun games and especially the humorous memories during four years at the university. The ceremony was also filled with deep emotion and confessions, the students’ confession for each other, or short clips “Following” like the best wishes from juniors students to their seniors.

This was an opportunity for each final year student to look back and share their four years together at the VNU-UEB. Over the four years, memories with teachers and friends are unforgettable. Hopefully, the farewell would be another nice memory to each student of QH-2009-E, bringing them more confidence in their next stage.

Vu Thi Yen - Thu Nga

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