A new look of FIBE Expression

Coming team and Dream high team at the negotiation competition
“Exciting, impressive, talented and dramatic” are the words to describe the finale of “Shining with FIBE” contest, which took place on 15 May 2013.

Following the success of Shining with FIBE 2012 contest, the UEB’s Faculty of International Business and Economics (FIBE) continued to organize the activity with the theme “FIBE Expression: Stature of international economics students”.
With brand new content, Shining with FIBE 2013 desired to make an image of FIBE students who are self-confident in communication, dynamic in work and bravery when confronting challenges. Students at the contest have performed their talent, impresstive self-expression, deep background knowledge along with sophisticated style and a show of dramatic negotiations.
Attending to the finale were FIBE Acting Dean Assoc.Prof.Dr Ha Van Hoi, Mr. Ung Hoang Phuong - Executive Director of Hi-Tek Vietnam, Mr. Hoang Xuan Hai - Deputy General Director of VAG International cum negotiation specialist, representatives of the sponsors and FIBE students.
After two dramatic rounds (Round 1: I am dynamic, Round 2: I shine), the four most and impressive talented teams to enter the finale were Detachment K56, Dream High, Burn it and Coming. The four teams brought the finale many surprises, making the audiences excited and admiring the talent and creativity of each team.
In the talent competition, K56 Detachment team brought the audiences with laughter in their humorous news report. Dream High team took the audiences around the world with a cultural journey. Meanwhile, Burn it team impressed the audiences with their meaningful play about students’ will. With their elaborate and exciting puppet performance, Coming team have taken the audiences’ breath. Next, during the warming up, the teams had to promptly answer questions related to the economic field. The style competition was also very attractive with the fashion performance and the presentation of each team.
Over the two first competitions, the judges worked hard to pick out two teams go to the final competition, who were  Dream High and Coming team for their good performances, presentations and excellent answers. The final section of the contest was about negotiation skill.
In this section, with items provided by the judges, the two teams had to play as manufacturers and distributors, and negotiated a purchase contract between the two parties, including: number of products, prices, delivery time and payment. After the tight and dramatic negotiation, Dream High team won the section with their convincing and sharp arguments.
Eventually, Dream High team won the contest, second prize went to Coming team, K56 Detachment team made the third prize.

Mr. Hoang Xuan Hai congratulates the Dream high team for their excellence

“Shining with FIBE” was not only an opportunity for FIBE students express their talent, but also the playground for them to meet and share after hardworking time at university. To those who attended the finale, the contest brought them shining time together with dynamic and modern atmostphere.

"Shining with FIBE 2013" - a memorable contest of UEB’s FIBE

Pham Minh Phuong - Danh Danh

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