VNU-UEB’s representatives attend the 2nd Vietnam-China Friendly Youth Festival in China

VNU-UEB Delegates engaged in "Following the footprint of revolutionary predecessors" - visiting the Ho Chi Minh Memorial Building in Sung Ta.
From 24 – 27/11/2013, along with 3000 Vietnamese adolescents and nearly 6000 young people from China, representatives from UEB enthusiastically participated in the 2nd Vietnam-China Friendly Youth Festival, which was held in Quang Tay Province, China to contribute to developing and reinforce the spirit of solidarity, friendship and attachment between the youth from two countries Vietnam - China.

The 2nd Vietnam-China Friendly Youth Festival 2013 with the theme "Flying the youth’s dream, building the bright future" was held in passionate friendship between two neighbor countries Vietnam – China, from which cultivating friendship, understanding and mutual trust between the young people of Vietnam - China, contributing to strengthening partnerships and comprehensive strategic cooperation Vietnam - China under the guideline of 16 letters and the spirit of 4 superior.

Joining the festival, the delegation of VNU University of Economics and Business has Mr. Nguyen Trung Phong - Chairman of the Students Union, Youth Union deputy secretary; Mrs. Tran Thi Thu Huong - Deputy Secretary of the Union; Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Quan, - Executive member of Union; Dinh Thao Hoa – Secretary of Student Association. All the delegate of VNU-UEB are in the group 7 which engaged in friendly exchanges in Sung Ta city and Nam Ninh City, Quant Tay Province, China.

At the festival, participants of VNU-UEB has actively participated in the group activities and the general program of youth exchanges among the two countries, including: "Following the footprint of revolutionary predecessors" - visit the Ho Chi Minh Memorial Building Sung Ta, engaging the activity "Together building the ASEAN safe boulevard" -  planting trees and signing on the signature wall in ASEAN boulevard, visiting the new residence in Dien Vien Minh Thi, taking calligraphy writing activity “writing with the youth, and drawing future together" , participating in sports activities in residence Cat Dao, Cu Le town, Phu Tuy Province, cultural and art exchanges in Phu Tuy Province, experiencing cultural traditions of local area, exchange with students of Que Lam University of Technology, participate in cultural exchange festival in Quang Tay education Institute...

Participants engaged in "Together building the ASEAN safe boulevard"  - planting trees and signing on the signature wall in ASEAN boulevard

With national pride, respect of the neighbor country, high responsibility, inquiring mind and sincere feelings, participants from VNU-UEB has left a good impression on the organizers, foreign students, Chinese volunteers and Vietnamese young people joining the program.
Despite of the short trip but with new experiences with the friendship and enthusiasm , participants of UEB make a lot of new friends and have good experience in China. After the trip, the participants also have more understanding of the neighbor country, the close relationship between the two countries, especially contribute to the friendship between the youth of the two countries.

The delegates at the closing ceremony of the 2nd Vietnam-China Friendly Youth Festival

Joining the festival this time, Vietnam's delegation received considerate attention of the organizers - the Central Communist Youth Union of China, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Party Committee and People's Government in Quang Tay, along with the enthusiastic support of more than 2,000 Chinese volunteers. In addition, the activities of the participants also received attention of leaders of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Through the activities of the festival, the delegates are more deeply imbued with the earnest expectation of the leaders of the two countries, maintain the consistence about lasting friendship between Vietnam - China now and ever after.

Thao Dinh Ho - Bich Ha

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