Topic: Free imigration into Ho Chi Minh: situation and solutions

the second prize about scientific research in University of Economics and Business - Vietnam National University, Hanoi

Student: Luu Quoc Dat

Group: QH-2004-E, Honored Program of International Economics

Lecturer: Assoc.Prof. Dr. Pham Van Dung

Prize: the second prize about scientific research in University of Economics and Business- Vietnam National University, Hanoi

Research aims and tasks:


- Researching situation and reason of free imigration into Ho Chi Minh city and its social and economic effects in order to give solutions and policies


- Finding out situation and explaining basic reasons of free immigration into Ho Chi Minh City. Evaluating its effects in social and economic in both places

- Partly helping to build immigration policies into Ho Chi Minh city and make it suitable with the city’s economic and social development purposes.

 Topic’s structure:

Except preface, conclusion, a list of supplementary document and appendix, the opic is divided into 3 chapters:

  • Chapter 1: theoretical basis about immigration

  • Chapter 2: Situation of free immigrations into Ho Chi Minh city

  • Chapter 3: Orientations and solutions about immigrations in Ho Chi Minh City

Research achievements:

- Since 1990s, the number of migrants into Ho Chi Minh city has rapidly increased. They come from almost provinces in Vietnam. Imgration into Ho Chi Minh City has selections about age and sex.

- The reason why they choose Ho Chi Minh is income, living standard, job opportunity, etc in comparison with other provinces.

- The process of free immigrations has both positive effects and negative effects in both immigrations and emigration places.

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