Topic: Micro-finance: international experiences and some suggestions for Vietnam

The first prize about scientific research in University of Economics and Business, VNU

Student: Tong Thi Nhu Hoa and Ngo Hoai Bac

Group: QH-2005-H, Finance - Banking

Lecturer: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Trinh Thi Mai Hoa


  • The first prize about scientific research in University of Economics and Business, VNU
  • The consolation prize in ministry level - Vietnam National University, Hanoi, 2007- 2008

Research aims and tasks:

- Researching and evaluating roles of micro-finance in real development in some countries in the world to gain successful lessons for micro-finance.

- Researching situation of micro-finance activities in Vietnam in recent years, comparing practice and international experiences to give suggestions for micro- finance field in Vietnam.

Topic’s structure:

Except preface, conclusion and a list of supplementary document, the research is divided into 2 chapters:

Chapter 1: Micro- finance in some countries in the world

1. Basic contents about micro- finance

2. Grameen Bank model

3. Conditions to ensure success of micro- finance by studying Grameen experiences and some countries

Chapter 2: some suggestions for Vietnam

1. Situation of micro- finance in Vietnam

2. General comments

3. some suggestions

Research achievements:

The research analyses experiences in micro- finance activities of some successful micro- finance models in the world. The typical model is Grameen bank with their clarity in creating capital, choosing partners and lending methods as well as ways to manage credit risks. With these experiences, the research finds out the situation of micro- finance activities in Vietnam, points out achievements and challenges that limit its effects. Suggestions are given to deal with the challenges. Maybe, when carrying out, the suggestions have problems. However, we hope that the suggestions are considered to support the development process of micro- finance and contribute to eliminate hunger and reduce poverty in Vietnam.

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