Project title: An overview on Vietnam software outsourcing in the international market

Author: Bui Thi Thanh Huyen

Class: QH-2006-E Business Administration

Instructor: MBA. Nguyen Anh Tuan

Prize: Encouraging Prize of university level 2010



Vietnam is known as one of the potential nations of software outsourcing with the low cost labor, young workforce... However, what is the position of Vietnam software outsourcing in the international market? In addition, how should Vietnam software outsourcing develop? Because of necessity of the issue, I choose the topic: “A look on Vietnam software outsourcing”.

The aim of the study is to clarify the situation of the Vietnam software outsourcing, client’s evaluation on the world, then giving the suggestions and solutions for Vietnam software outsourcing.

Main contents:

The research includes three parts:

  • Chapter 1: The author gives theoretical basics for software outsourcing and the experiences of India and China in developing their software outsourcing successfully.
  • Chapter 2: The author considers the situation of Vietnam software outsourcing throughout the index and client’s judgments on the world; assess the strengths, weaknesses, impunities and challenges.
  • Chapter 3: The author sends out the objectives and orientation for developing Vietnam software outsourcing, proposes measures to constructs the Vietnam software outsourcing.

Results obtained:

The paper clarified several concepts of software outsourcing, analyzed and evaluated the status of software outsourcing in Vietnam. Through the analysis, the paper indicated opportunities and challenges as well as advantages and disadvantages of Vietnam’s software outsourcing. From that point, the paper recommended several solutions to develop software outsourcing in Vietnam.

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