Project title: Developing Supporting Industries Model in Vietnam: The case of Ha Tinh

Students: Pham Duc Thang, Bui Thi Hoai Trang, Pham Thi Hoang Giang

Class: QH-2008-E International Economics & QH-2009-E Honor Program of International Economics

Instructor: Dr. Vu Anh Dung

Prize: Incentive Prize at unit level, 2011

Purpose of research:

The purpose of this research is to establish a model that stimulates supporting industries in Vietnam, including factors that build up a cohesive system which acts as a “leverage” to promote supporting industries.

Contents of research:

Our research comprises of 3 main chapters:

  • Theoretical bases: By analyzing the previous researches on supporting industries, we’ve systematized the theories in order to build up an overview to supporting industries. Hence, we’ve found the new direction for our research that differs our work from other predecessors.

  • The situation of Supporting Industries - The case of Ha Tinh: To study deeply into the situation of Supporting Industries in Vietnam, we considered the steel industry in Ha Tinh as our case study.

  • Developing supporting industries in Vietnam: The authors have given advices on improving the current situation and developing supporting input for Steel industry in Ha Tinh. Most importantly, we’ve established the model of promoting supporting industries in Vietnam.

Outcomes of the research:

1. Contribution to science:

The research has achieved the utmost goal of establishing the model of promoting supporting industries in Vietnam, including the following factors and their inter-relationship:

  • Government and Local authorities

  • Ministry and Department of Planning and Investment

  • Main industrial manufacturers

  • Supporting manufacturers

  • Investment Promotion Agencies

  • Economic Zone

  • Industrial Parks, Processing Areas

  • Factors of Conditions

This is the first time that a model demonstrating and analyzing how the factors and their relationship are able to promote supporting industries has been established.

The research has contributed to the fulfillment of theories on supporting industries.

2. Contribution to reality:

By studying the situation of supporting industries in Ha Tinh specifically and in Vietnam generally, combining with the previous conclusions of other domestic and international researches, we have given practical advices to the relating respondents on promoting supporting industries in Vietnam.
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