Project title: Factors affecting retail banking service of some commercial banks in Viet Nam

Students: Nguyen Thi Dinh, Vu Xuan Hoa, Pham Thi Tuyen

Class: QH-2008-E, Finance and Banking

Instructor: MA. Dinh Thi Thanh Van

Prize: Incentive Prize at UEB level, 2011


The research analyzes and evaluatesoperating status ofretail banks in the three of banks: ACB, VPBank, Lien Viet Bank and gives the remarks. In addition, we propose some solutions and motions to improve the services of the three banks in particular and commercial banks in Vietnam in general.


By focusing on solving the main research question “With the status of the three retail banks’ services in the current economic conditions, what are the factors that affect on this current status and which methods to improve”. The contents of the research include:

  • Using SERVQUAL scale to set up survey forms in three banks about the level of satisfaction, evaluate the three retail banks’ services and make statistic by using detailed tables to show the status.

  • Using Statistic software SPSS to test the correlation between the level of customers’ satisfaction with retail banks’ services and then bring to comparison. After that, we propose some solutions and motions to improve.


By using graphs to analyze general characteristics of clients using services of three banks; we, researchers, end up with final results from which we would like to propose some following recommendations to develop retail banking services. Firstly, those information channels that help clients know about banks’ services are mainly through friends and relatives. Therefore, banks need to have appropriate policies that would turn clients into their most effective advertising channel. Besides, it is necessary to improve the efficiency of marketing activities in order to make others channels such as TV ads, Internet, newspapers, bankers and logo on the streets become more efficient on the aspect of providing information to clients.

Secondly, the number of clients that have the choice of using the banks’ ATM services because of the bank’s extensive ATM network is quite large. Therefore, it is important for banks to promote further extension of the network.

On the basis of using SPSS software and chi – square test, it can be inferred that: the satisfaction of clients about transactions duration is in the same direction that correlated with the level of their satisfaction toward the tellers’ attitude and capacity. Therefore, it is necessary for banks to develop human resources. Furthermore, the Krusal – Wallis test indicates that all clients are satisfied with the three banks’ equipments and facilities. Thus, banks need to increase further investment on infrastructure to attract more clients.
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