Project title: Strategies for bringing MORISH ONE canned coffee by Trung Nguyen to the market

Students: Nguyen Manh Hung, Tran Thi Hue

Class: QH-2009-E Development Economics

Instructor: MBA. Tran Viet Dung

Prize: Incentive Prize at UEB level, 2011


  • Synthesizing and evaluating marketing activities of Trung Nguyen Group from the past to the present time and finding out their weaknesses.
  • Putting forward the marketing strategies based on the current weaknesses, the demand of market in combination with the modern marketing strategies for the purpose of helping Trung Nguyen succeed in bringing out the new product.

Part I is for the most common introduction about the study including the reasons for choosing the subject (the necessity of the study), the subject and the target of the study, study question, the scope of the study as well as the methodologies used in the study. These matters are the skeleton orienting for further development in the next chapters.

Next is the theory frame in part II, III providing the process of taking out the marketing strategies for Morish One canned coffee. Part III includes 3 chapters. Chapter I is the sketchy look about Trung Nguyen Group. Chapter II mention the real marketing situation of Trung Nguyen from the beginning to present and take out the conclusion about the strength as well as the weaknesses, whereby we can propose a marketing strategy for Trung Nguyen coffee canned in chapter III. The final chapter, chapter IV focuses on the weaknesses of the study and proposes the trend for further study in the future.


Combining all the above factors, to promote Morish One canned coffee, Trung Nguyen should apply some following strategies:

In order to assist Trung Nguyen to succeed in releasing its canned coffee in the market our group proposes the following marketing strategy- issuing a challenge to the market with the modality of direct and preventive attack to the enemy using the 7Ps marketing strategies.

Morish One is one of Trung Nguyen group’s products, therefore, it can never go off the traditional philosophical paths of Trung Nguyen.

In the scope of finding and studying the theory about marketing, we have bring out the marketing strategies for Trung Nguyen canned coffee.
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