Project title: The reaction of Vietnamese monetary policy from 2007-2011

Author: Pham Thi Mai Anh (QH2009E-KTCT), Nguyen The Trung (QH2008E-KTCT)

Instructor: Dr. Vu Thi Dau

Prize: Consolation prize at UEB level

During the period from 2007 to 2011, the world’s financial market and Vietnam’s financial market underwent many unexpected changes that led economy into recession and crisis. Vietnam not only concentrates on economic growth but also copes with unexpected changes of financial market. There are many things in planning economic policy (include monetary policy) in order to solve unexpected problem and develop economy. The reactions of policy which are opportune will be good solution to development problem. How can we assess the reaction of Vietnamese monetary policy and bring out the lessons? Our research, “The reaction of Vietnamese monetary policy from 2007-2011”, will answer this question.

Purpose and assignment of research:
In this theme, we analyze the reactions of Vietnamese monetary policy in the period 1997 – 2001 to draw some helpful experience for policy making in the next time. In order to complete this task, first and foremost, we present the theory of the monetary policy, tools of monetary policy and experience in using monetary policy of some other countries. Then, we analyze the development of international macroeconomic in general and Vietnam macroeconomic in particular to detect the effects of this situation to Vietnam economy; and depending on this base, we research and evaluate the reactions of Vietnamese monetary policy on the market happenings. Finally, we take out some lesson for Vietnam’s policy making in the future.

Chapter 1: Theory of monetary policy

Chapter 2: The reactions and experience of Vietnamese monetary policy in the period 2007-2011

Research results: In the theme, the reactions of Vietnamese monetary policy have been analyzed to make it clear in the context of an unstable economy both internal and external. Besides, the theme also brings out some lessons in adopting monetary policy to improve the efficiency of Vietnamese monetary in the future.
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