Project title: Development of micro-finance institutions to Vietnam after joining WTO

Author:  Nguyen Thi Thuy Linh
Class: QH-2009-E KTCT
Instructors: Dr. Pham Van Dung

Prize: Consolation prize at UEB level

Undergoing the pressure of  competition and integration,  the microfinance  organizations in Vietnam have great opportunities, but , in the other hand, face up to many difficult challenges. Besides, according to the unpredictable status of the world economy and domestic in the near future, micro-finance needs to develop strongly with the aim of helping poor people, surviving and confirming the its role in economy - society. Therefore, there must have right direction, solution so as to develop with the hope of meeting  market requirements and needs of the people, to increasingly contributing to the work of social reform, poverty reduction.

The research used the diamond model in order to analyze, and also to synthesize and analyze statistics.
Chapter 1: The theoretical basis of microfinance
Chapter 2: Current status of the development of microfinance institutions Vietnam after joining WTO
Chapter 3: A number of proposals for the development of the microfinance institutions after accession.

The research clearly shows the evolution of Vietnam microfinance after joining WTO, which points out the opportunities and challenges for Vietnam microfinance after joining the World Trade Organization and economic shocks. Then, giving solutions to accelerate the development of microfinance institutions and the necessary preparation for microfinance economic shocks of this complex world, in order to enhance the role of poverty reduction, improvement of society.
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