Project title: Vietnam’s automobile market situation and development

Authors:Pham Ngoc Duy, Nguyen Duc Vinh, Bach Thi Thanh Thanh
Class: QH-2009-E KTPT
Instructors: Dr.Vu Quoc Huy
Prize: Consolation prize at UEB level
Purpose and research tasks:
Through the understanding and analysis of the situation demands and the assignment of Vietnam's automobile consumer (from price segment related to income, and style) so that there may be proper orientation for the development of automobile industry in Vietnam. Furthermore, by analyzing the market and found that the cause of the automotive market distortions are specific market failures such as information asymmetry, oligopolistic - monopoly power measurement in automobile industry of Vietnam and the influence (lobby) of the interest groups cause. From then make some recommendations to overcome the bias of the market, which is the first step to properly perceive the process of construction and development of the automotive industry and how our country’s own good operating market in accordance with its rules.
Structure of study:
Chapter 1: Overview of Vietnam's automobile market
Chapter 2: Current status of Vietnam's automobile market and the challenges for development through the elements of the auto market failure
Chapter 3: The solution offered to overcome market failures and recommendations of the research team
The results of the study:
Through this research we came up with a new perspective to the automotive industry in Vietnam, that deepen understanding of "auto market in Vietnam, method of operation, the motor trend happen in the market and its failure to influence the market distortions and consumer. " The paper also points out three major factors which distort market is asymmetric information affect vehicle pricing, oligopolistic power of - (a typical case is VAMA) - the group has taken the first step idea how to measure monopoly power of the automobile industry from which to estimate the impact of its vehicles to the market price, and finally the impact of interest group influence in no small limit the development of Vietnam's automobile market.
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