Project title: Developing and testing the model of factors affecting green consumption behavior

Authors: Nguyen Thu Huyen, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh
Class: QH-2009-E CLC
Instructor: Ph.D Vu Anh Dzung
Prize: First prize at UEB level
This research aims to find out and understand the factors that affect green consumption behavior of individual consumers, thereby developing the conceptual model and testing it. Based on the proposed model, a survey will be conducted with Hanoi consumers to verify the validity of the model and indicate the direction and level of correlation between variables (factors). The final goal is to provide practical recommendations for promoting green consumption in Vietnam.
The research is divided into four chapters:
Chapter I: Theoretical framework of green consumption behavior
Chapter II: Methodology and research design
Chapter III: Research results
Chapter IV: Implications
Research results:
The conceptual model of factors affecting green consumption behavior is initially developed based on Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) of Ajzen (1985). From findings of researches in the same field and result of in-depth interviews with some specific groups, authors supplemented model and finally had a proposed one with predicting variables (factors) including demographics, attitudes, subjective norms and perceived behavior control and the elements of green products; consumer behavior variables consist of green product purchasing behavior (including buying intention and actual behavior), green usage behavior (saving, recycling, reuse, green packaging usage and green waste treatment) and green consumption promotion behavior. Sample survey was carried out with 221 respondents who are customers living in Hanoi at least 6 months and no younger than 18 years old. The research results show that the impact of demographic variables have no statistical significance in most cases, while other predicting variables which are attitudes, subjective norms, perceived behavioral control, and elements of green products have positive correlations with consumers’ green consumption behavior. In addition, the results also indicate positive correlations between different kinds of behaviors in green consumption. Given the research results, several policy implications for government and businesses are suggested with the aim of promoting green consumer movement in Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular.
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