Project title: Assessing the contribution to green growth of different types of enterprises in the industrial sector in Vietnam. The case of processing industry in Hanoi

Author: Vo Ngoc Qui (QH-2009-E International Economics) ; Nguyen Thi Mai Anh (QH-2009-E CLC) ; Nguyen Le Dung (QH-2009-E CLC)
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ha Van Hoi
Third prize at UEB level

The purpose of this study was to assess the contribution of types of enterprise to green growth in the industrial sector in Vietnam based on clarifying the difference in production cost model. Simultaneously, quantify the effect of the factors determining the level of enterprises' emission.
The group's mission is to develop theoretical frameworks assessing the contribution of state enterprises, private enterprises and foreign invested enterprises to the green growth process through the cost model. Then collect data to run an economic model, evaluating the system and economic model for the purpose of evaluating the factors affecting each indicator of pollution emissions in the area of Hanoi As getting the result, the authors will have a reliable basis for evaluation.
The paper consists of five chapters, including: Chapter 1 introduces the general on this subject; Chapter 2 presents theoretical framework to study the green growth; Chapter 3 presents the actual situation of the processing industry in Hanoi and its impact on the environment. Chapter 4 uses the pollution indicators log econometric model and analyze variables; Chapter 5 presents the results and policy recommendations.
Research results:
Enterprises with and foreign investment have contributed two most levels to the green growth path process of the country, then state-owned enterprises and, ultimately, private enterprises; In researched industry groups, Building and Food are the two most polluting industries;
From these results, the researchers recommended: promoting foreign investment in the industrial sector; rising fossil fuel prices, applying tax and strict environment regulation , along with creating pressure to internalize pollution costs into the cost function. With these recommendations, the enterprise will increase the level of contributions to progress of the country's the green growth path.
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