Project title: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Implementation of Vietnam Dairy Products Joint - Stock Company

Student: Do Dinh Nam, Nguyen Nhu Ngoc, Nguyen Thanh Tu
Class: QH-2009E-BA
Supervisor: Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Thang
Prize: Third prize at UEB level
, academic year 2011-2012
Research Objectives:
The aim of the research is to find out fundamental problems in the reality of CSR implementation and solutions for it at Vietnam Dairy Products Joint - Stock Company (Vinamilk). Then we give some recommendations about policy and guidelines to promote putting CSR into practices as well as improve the quality of CSR programs. To achieve this goal, the research must be able to answer 2 key questions below:
What are the characteristics of CSR implementation at Vietnam Dairy Products Joint – Stock Company, Vinamilk?
What are the solutions for promoting and improving the effectiveness of CSR implementation of Vinamilk?
Content of the research:
Chapter 1: Theoretical problems and experiences in CSR implementation of enterprises.
Chapter 2: The reality of CSR implementation of Vietnam Dairy Products Joint - Stock Company - Vinamilk.
Chapter 3: Solutions to promote and improve the effectiveness of CSR to Vietnam Dairy Products Joint - Stock Company - Vinamilk
The results of the research:
- Clarify rationale about CSR.- Give scientific analysis on resources which help enterprises involve CSR programs. The resources are divided into 2 kinds that are internal resources (1) and external ones (2).
-  Through the research about reality of CSR implementation at Vinamilk, it can be seen that CSR programs have brought positive effects to Vinamilk. CSR that Vinamilk has implemented basically result in benefits for both community and company. Solutions for Vinamilk to enhance CSR activities comprise 4 groups that are technical solution group (1), human-related solution group (2), financial solution group (3), and leader-related solution group (4)
- Finally, researchers raise a comprehensive solution group including “Government – Society – Enterprise”. It is enterprise that plays the most important role in setting up and implementing CSR-promoting solutions in Vietnam. Besides, the government and society will be involved in this revolution, as well.
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