Project title: Implementing Lean Manufacturing - Success and Difficulties of Business in Vietnam

Student: Chu Thi Tu Anh, Pham Thi Lan Phuong
Class: QH-2009-E QTKD, VNU University of Economics and Business
Instructor: PhD. Tran Duc Vui
Prize: Third prize at UEB level, academic year 2011-2012
Mission of the research:
Conducting this research, we aimed at clarifying some major concepts and roles of Lean Manufacturing in Business. Besides, the research focused on analyzing the situation of Businesses in Vietnam implementing Lean, especially three typical cases that succeeded in applying Lean system, namely, Nike and its distributors, Toyota Ben Thanh and Techcombank with the Lean Sixsigma pilot project. From those cases, we drew the lessons for Vietnamese business and recommended some solutions for implementing Lean Manufacturing effectively.
The research includes of 4 chapters:
Chapter 1: Basic theory of Lean Manufacturing
Chapter 2: The facts of implementing Lean manufacturing in Businesses in Vietnam and several typical successful cases.
Chapter 3: Solutions for implementing Lean Manufacturing effectively in Businesses in Vietnam
Chapter 4: Conclusion and Recommendation
The research gave the basic theory of Lean Manufacturing and analyzed the situation of Businesses in Vietnam. It drew lessons from three cases and recommended some solutions for Vietnamese Business.
To implement successfully Lean Manufacturing into Vietnamese businesses, it takes time to conduct pilot projects to gain experience and avoid interruption in manufacturing. Besides, the support from Government is necessary to build up training program for employees and create the expert team in this field with deeply knowledge and experience. The most important thing is the unity of the whole company , from the managers to the workers, to build up the “Lean thinking” throughout the company, to engage to the continuous innovation and satisfy the need of customers which is the long-term strategy to compete and exist.
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