The UEB freshmen take the capability evaluation test

The VNU-UEB freshmen taking the capability evaluation test on the computer
On September 10 and 11, 2014, nearly 200 freshmen of the VNU University of Economics and Business have taken the capability evaluation test into the honors training programs and the international standard training programs.

This common test has been held by the Vietnam National University, Hanoi for the first time using the capacity evaluating method, which intended for students who have passed the entrance examination and registered in the undergraduate programs of honors and international standards programs.

The capability evaluation test was designed in the format of Multiple Choice Test including the Required sections: Mathematical knowledge (quantitative thinking) and language arts knowledge (qualitative thinking); and the Elective sections: students can choose one of two parts including Natural Sciences knowledge (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) or Social Science knowledge (History, Geography, Civic education) with a total of 140 questions in totally 195 minutes done on the computer. The maximum score is 140 points.

The capability evaluation test is the integration of assessment contents based on scientific capacity evaluation methods, focusing on evaluating the core competencies such as cognitive, synthesis, analysis, creativity capacity, aesthetics and thinking ability. The test will consist of 20% of easy level, 60% of average level and 20% of the difficult level.

As planned, on 12/9, the students enrolling in the international standard program will take the English test; Students enrolling in the Honors Program of Finance and Banking and International Economics of UEB will have an interview in English in two days 16 and 17/9.

Nguyen Kha - Bich Ha

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