The Bachelor in Business Administration of the UEB regconized standards of AUN - QA

The VNU-UEB has recently received the AUN-QA Quality Certificate for the program of “Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration”, which marked 4 by the Quality Assessment Board of AUN.

In May 2014, the University had the program “Bachelor in Business Administration” assessed under the AUN-QA standards of ASEAN University Network. The assessment was carried by international QA assessors of AUN, including professors from Thailand, the Philippines as well as leaders and secretaries of AUN.

The Bachelor in Business Administration of UEB was highly valued in many aspects such as the quality of lecturers, training program with inspiring teaching and studying methodology, practical-based learning with many opportunities to improve field knowledge such as self learning projects, teamwork or international exchange programs. The program was also appreciated for its explicit criteria in assessing teaching and learning capacity, which helpfully support learners and teachers in making and adjusting working plan.

For UEB, quality and training products are of top priorities, which affirm the prestige of the University and are prerequisite for the integration of Vietnam higher education internationally, especially the inter-association and mutual recognition between the universities in the region. This is the second program of UEB accredited by the AUN-QA, which evidently confirmed the training quality and product of UEB in the trend of regional and international integration.

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