CLC students successfully defended graduation thesis

“CLC” students of international economics defended their thesis at the thesis defense committee.
On 3rd June 2015, “CLC” (High quality) students of international economics, Faculty of International Business and Economics completed their thesis defense (in English) with good results.

Together with the Business Administration program of international standard, 2 other “CLC” programs of the UEB including International Economics and Finance and Banking are well invested with qualified faculties and modern equipment as to meet the social demand of education and training of high quality human resources.

“CLC” programs focused not only on the qualifications of faculties, proper investment of education and training materials with updated and modern curricular but also on training of foreign language with most of subjects taught in English. Ending the program, CLC students also complete and defense the thesis in English.

On 3rd June, 20 students of CLC International Economics programs finished their thesis defenses. With competent English and confident presentation, most of the students were highly appreciated for employing modern research methodology to solve updated issues such as Integration of ASEAN Economic Community, Foreign Direct Investment etc.

With the Faculty of Finance and Banking, this is the first CLC students graduated. As so, the thesis defense not only were meaningful to the CLC students but also marked an important event of the Faculty.

The thesis defense committee and students at the defense on 29th May 2015

At the defense on 29th May, all of the students presented their thesis in English confidently. The thesis were highly valued for their practical and theoretical application, suitability and creativity, mentioning various topics, such as: role of microfinance in poverty eradication, develop e-banking, manage interest risk etc. The defense ended successfully with 100% thesis passing quality requirement. According to leaders of the Faculty, the above achievements gained thanked to modern-designed framework with rich professional knowledge in combination with diverse extracurricular activities. 

Success in the thesis defense can be the first step to the career path of CLC students. This event also affirmed the high quality of the training program being implemented by the UEB.

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