Faculty of Political Economy - following the tradition, towards the future

Faculty of Political Economy, VNU University of Economics and Businesses is an inheritance and developed from Department of Political Economy - Hanoi Collective University. Widely regarded as the cradle of the VNU-UEB, the Faculty deserves as a "big brother" in maintaining the quality of education. For nearly 40 years, the Faculty has trained thousands of bachelors, masters, doctoral for our country.

Proud of glorious tradition
With its long tradition, the Faculty of Political Economy is proud of being the birthplace of the outstanding individual. They have been contributing to the construction and development of the country. They are all the leading economic experts holding important positions in science departments, academies, and education and training institutions all over the country. Those are successful businessman managing the large-sized enterprises to create jobs for people. All are positive evidences for the quality of training of the Faculty, as a mirror for generations of students to learn from.
Great opportunities forward the future
Maintaining the leading position requires great effort than ever of lecturers and students. To catch up with the development trend of the country and to meet the demand of society, since 2011, the Faculty has turned to training in economics at bachelor level. The training program was developed to meet the highest standards in training from both knowledge and skills aspects for students.
If you wish to become an analyst, genius consultant on economic, became a prestige economic expert, or likely to become a respected economics professor, Economics major would be your first choice. The courses in the program are organized and arranged scientifically aiming at forming students with skills to detect, analyze, critical thinking and access problems in the open economy context, and especially the ability to study and apply the knowledge and skills to identify and solve socio-economic problems arising in the real situation.
These knowledge and professional skills formed a sharply "economic thinking" to cope with the challenges. When you have a clear and effective thinking, acquiring professional skills is easier than ever. This opens the job opportunities for student through the flexibility in the choice of profession. 

Lecturers and students of the Faculty on a field trip to Hamatra Company
Not only focusing on knowledge, students of the faculty are also fully equipped with the necessary soft skills - what is really important in the competitive working environment nowadays. Beside from the standard which are considered "popular" among a student of the VNU-UEB as teamwork ability, adaptability, and proficiency at English..., a graduate student from the Faculty is equipped skills to use the processing software data like SPSS, Eviews, STATA... These are the tools for handling data service and evaluation of the economic problem. This is advantage when seeking for a job at the center of economic studies as well as enterprises, business organizations.
Featuring the training in the form of credits basis, students can actively choose subjects they learn in a flexible manner.
Also, students of the faculty after at least 2 semesters can enroll a second program of international economics or finance and banking. Thus, after graduation students may have two bachelor degrees. Faculty of Political Economy also organizes annual career seminars for students and meeting with graduate students, to help students have clearer orientation for the future career.
Study hard, play hard, passionate about research
With the vision of becoming economic researchers, students of the faculty always understand and actively participate in the scientific research activities. Achievements were students’ awards in the reputable scientific competition held by the Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam National University, Hanoi etc.
Also, students of the faculty get good mark when attending the Young Economists Club, the Research Forum for Asian Students (GPAC) and international student exchanges, participating in national and international science conferences with lecturers.
Those result from the encouragement and guidance of the lecturers of faculty. Every year, researchers, lecturers and students discuss and debate the research paper passionately. At the same time, the gap between lecturers and students is blurred and left behind the feeling between people who indulge with research. Scientific research for students is the magic door which turns knowledge from textbooks into an interesting world. And there are always confidential lecturers who are willing to help and motivate you to overcome all difficulties.
Impressive Flash mob performances of students to welcome freshmen from QH-2014-E
Not only good at academic research, Students are also eager to participate in extra-curriculum activities of the university, which also demonstrated quality, intelligence, solidarity. Students of the faculty are confident and active in organizing and participating in social activities such as the "Warm Winter", "Blood Donation", "Green Summer" and other volunteer activities. These outstanding individuals contribute great to the image of students of the Faculty in community activities.
As you step into Faculty of Political Economy, the first thing that you can feel is the brotherhood, close relation between the lecturers and students. As time flies, the glue that holds the faculty members together is always passed on from generation to generation.
Students talk about the Faculty
Nguyen Minh Cuong, class QH-2008-E

Nguyen Minh Cuong, class QH-2008-E

Nguyen Minh Cuong (QH-2008-E), Masters of Policy Economy from Williams College (USA), researcher at the Center for Agricultural Policy, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development: "In the course of scientific research, I was fortunate to meet Assoc.Prof.Dr. Pham Van Dung and was guided by him. At the time, online material is rare, he has introduced external scholars specializing in the issues to consult more for the research team. Graduated from faculty helps me to have a comprehensive view of the social - economic issues. This is highly appreciated by the policy department since the requirements of these agencies are the candidates with comprehensive knowledge rather than a specific skill. "
Bui Thu Thao, class QH-2009-E
Bui Thu Thao, class QH-2009-E
Bui Thu Thao (QH-2009-E), studying MSc of International Business Management at Bournemouth University Synthesis, UK: "In the international academic environment, I found myself with a large comparative advantage in terms of knowledge because of the understanding of economics. It’s much easier to master any other majors later on. Lecturers of the Faculty are trained abroad and always support student to access to economic resources in English since I was studying there, so I get along very rapidly with the learning environment oversea. I believe, choosing to study at the Faculty will help you find the right direction and rapidly achieve success in the future".
Nguyen Thi Thao, class QH-2013-E

Nguyen Thi Thao (QH-2013-E), Secretary of the Faculty: "After two years studying at the Faculty, I always receive the direction from lecturers and other senior students. Successful examples of other students are the driving force for me to try to learn and participate in student union activities. I have never regreted being a member of this great family. The next two years will be the precious time for me to devote myself and enjoy the great years of the students".

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