Training technology "Teach less and Learn more" of the Faculty of Business Administration

The students of the Faculty visited the Nissan Motor in a field trip at the University of Yokohama - Japan
The old and traditional method of teaching - Lecturers read and students write is no longer suitable for the modern era of teaching and learning, which requires high quality and international standard education, inspires creativity and encourages self-study.

Aiming at developing the capabilities of each individual student, Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) focuses on the training technology “teach less and learn more”, which requires the ability to exploit knowledge, experiences, attitude and skills to handle problems effectively.

The training program focuses on practices

Faculty of Business Administration is implementing the training technology through various activities with special emphasis on extracurricular activities such as thematic fact finding, field trips at enterprises such as Honda Motor Co., Nghi Son Cement Company, Pho Yen Engineering JSC. The focus on actual practice in business will enable students to acquire real experiences in business and administration.

Also, during the courses, students also have the opportunity to exchange with the experts and successful businessmen, such as: Dr. Hoang Viet Ha (Baoviet Insurance), Mr. Tran Minh Hoang (Director of Practical English Network - PEN Vietnam), Dr. Thomas E.Merz (Michigan Technological University, US), Ang Soo Keng, James (National University of Singapore), Yoshiki Matsui (Yokohama National University in Japan) etc.

Besides, each year, 15 to 20% of FBA students was given the opportunity to participate in exchange programs, seminars and conferences abroad with many high ranking universities in the world including Wasada University, Kyoto University, Upsalla University etc.

A survey conducted with participants from three graduate courses (including QH-2008-E, QH-2009-E and QH-2010-E) revealed that 100% of graduates got their jobs within 3-6 months after graduation, including some are admitted while studying. Other students received graduate scholarships from international universities. Students of the faculty are also highly valued by the employers and society through job performance, social activities as well as flexible and quick adaptation to the working environment.

Highly qualified lecturer

Students at Faculty of Business Administration are trained by highly qualified and enthusiastic faculties. 100% of faculties teaching in the program gained doctoral degree or above, who have experiences, expertise, and were trained in advanced universities over the world. Apart from Vietnamese lecturers, students also have chance to study with foreign lecturer in some specialized subjects.

The students of class QH-2010 with foreign lecturer at celebration ceremony of Vietnamese Teacher's Day

With small number of students per course, lecturers have many opportunities to interact with students. More importantly, the lecturers are highly enthusiastic and inspiring, who always create the best conditions for the students to learn and develop their competence.

Study hard and play hard

Faculty of Business Administration not only organizes many private extra-curricular activities but also actively participates in general activities of the university. At the Faculty, students have their own playground: Business Administration Club named BA Plus - the common place for students who love to gain knowledge in business management, modern economics, develop personal and management skills. Although newly established, BA Plus has organized various activities attracting many students from the UEB as well as other universities in Hanoi such as Rubik Governance contests (2013), ACEs - Shining talented personnel (2014 and 2015) etc.

Along with students from other faculties, students of FBA are enthusiastic in volunteer and social activities

Students of FBA also gained many achievements in national and international competition, including: “Student scientific research held by Ministry of Education and Training, " ASEAN Business Challenge” as well as participated in many international seminar, exchange and social events.

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