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Career-Talk, practical talk with experts for students of Finance and Banking
During the current period of dramatic economic development, the society has great demand for finance and banking sector, especially the high-quality workforce. At the VNU University of Economics and Business, the Faculty of Finance and Banking (FFB) always focus on training competent human resources to meet up with the demand of the society.

Professional and efficient training

Faculty of Finance and Banking deeply focused on training of workforce in finance and banking, with the goal of providing high-quality human resources for banks, financial institutes, insurance corporations, enterprises and domestic and international socio-economic organizations. Trained human resources are capable of handling jobs in finance, business administration in the field of finance and banking.

The curricular of the faculty is designed with reference from the bachelor program in finance of Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania (USA), being adjusted and supplemented with some subjects to suit the situation of finance and banking in Vietnam. Intensive courses with updated knowledge of international standards, consistent with the operation of financial institutions, banks and enterprises in Vietnam are included in the curricular.

Students of the FFB are also equipped with soft skills through practical field trips, exchange with leading experts in the field of finance and banking etc. These experiences will help them easily adapt to working environment after graduation. Especially, from the first year, students will have chance to attend career orientation to get practical advice from experts, learn from experiences and clarify about the jobs they can take after graduation.

The faculty offers 2 undergraduate bachelor programs, including: High-quality and standard programs. High-quality program is designed at higher level than that of standard program. It promotes creative thinking, self-learning, practical knowledge and the ability to use information technology and English.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Thi Thanh Tu - Dean of the Faculty said: "It’s our standpoint to focus on students. We always strive to provide a modern, flexible and professional teaching and learning environment for students to meet up the practical requirements of the world of work. The general activities of the faculty, including training, research and international cooperation always aim at professionalism, quality and efficiency".

Young and dedicated faculty members

Together with faculties of many-year-experiences in teaching, the Faculty has a young generation of high qualified lecturers, who inherited education in advanced countries over the world.

With strong qualifications and enthusiasm, class lectures of the faculties are always appreciated by students according to the result of annual surveys on teaching quality. Besides lectures, case studies and lively discussions in class, faculties are also "co-operating" with students in all activities.

Faculties and students during field trip at Hanoi Stock Exchange

Opportunity to exchange with leading experts

The faculty has a strong partnership with banks, local businesses and international reputable partners. In recent years, the Faculty has developed effective cooperation activities with Vietnam Deposit Insurance, Military Bank, Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam, Vndirect Securities JSC., PVI Insurance Corporation, AI Capital Investment Group etc. The cooperation brought back scholarship opportunities, internships and exchange program as well as learning experience from experts.

Many activities can be named, including: Career Talk brought by AI Capital Investment Group, which was first held in 2012 under the theme "Money Business" with speaker Mr. Nguyen Thanh Son - Deputy Director of Techcombank. Subsequently, the program continued with the themes of "Brokerage and currency trade", "Female leadership in the finance and banking" with leading experts, such as Ms. Dam Thu Thuy - CEO of ANZ, Mr. Louis Taylor - Block Director of Standard Charter Bank, Mr. Mac Quang Huy - CEO of Maritime Bank Securities etc.

Enthusiastic participant in extra-curricular activities

The FFB is an exciting participant in all extra-curricular of the University. FFB’s students are also encouraged to take part in activities such as entertainment, sports, camping, volunteer activities etc. Many talented students of FFB have won high prizes in competitions and being leaders of the youth union and student union of the University.

Together with activities of the University, the Faculty also organizes an annual contest with imprint of "Finance Student". The contest aims to raise the quality of training, expand knowledge of economy and society as well as current issues of the finance and banking sector. After 4 contests being successfully held, the competition now attracts attention and participation of students from the whole university.

FFB is an exciting participant in all extra-curricular of the University

In addition, the students of high quality program are supported by the Faculty to establish students clubs, such as: English Club, SIC-UEB Club (Securities club) etc. These clubs not only provide FFB’s students with exchange programs, sharing with experts in finance and banking and scholarship opportunities but also create opportunities to find jobs right after graduation.

Student research are flourishing

At the Faculty of Finance and Banking, the students can enjoy dynamic learning environment, which encourage them to express passion and talent in research, domestic and international projects (together with faculties) etc. The Faculty has been a major contribution units for student scientific research movement throughout the university in recent years. FFB’s student Hoang Huu Loi is the first UEB’s student had international articles posted with faculty member.

Tpical faces of FFB can name student Phung Duc Quyen of QH-2009-E, who had won the First Prize at the "Vietnam Young Science Talent Award" by the Ministry of Education and Training and the Ministry of Science & Technology with the research entitled, "Check the stability of large commercial banks in Vietnam". The research also won the first prize at the and "Outstanding Student Research of Vietnam National University".

Also, 2nd year student Tran Quang Thang of class QH-2012-E High quality program can be named with impressive achievement such as second prize of “Vietnam Young Science Talent Award  2014”, first prize of, first prize of presentation at Asian Pacific Student Forum 2014. Thang also started a group of research students and leading a supporting project to help students in doing research.

In 2014-2015 academic year, FFB’s students, including Nguyen Thi Thuy Dung, Vu Duc Kien and Vu Van Duc from class QH-2012-E won the first prize for UEB’s student research with the research "Evaluation trust of individuals customer to commercial banks in Vietnam"

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