Learning about production and operation management with US expert

On 2nd October 2015, Dr. Shane J.Schvaneveldt from Weber State University (USA) had a lecture with the students of class QH-2013-E - Faculty of Business Administration, VNU University of Economics and Business (UEB) on the field of production and operation management.

Opening the lecture, Dr. Shane J.Schvaneveldt shared with the students the importance of production management for development of a nation. Sharing of Dr. Share inspired and initiated curiosity for all students in the class.

Under the theme of "OM/SCM Triangle", an important research models in the field of production, Dr. Shane conveyed new knowledge about the capacity of production, reserves, inventory of enterprises or risks in operation of companies. Thereby, he helped students open the eyes on actual activities of business as well as significant challenges facing enterprises in doing business as well as profit gain after selling products to customers.

Dr. Shane J.Schvaneveldt

With vivid leading and interactive games, Dr. Shane J.Schvaneveldt gradually simplified the complicated academic concepts. Using a small dice and colorful plastic cards, he  helped student realize and gain better understanding of the overall manufacturing process and selling product to customers. The lecture took place in warm and friendly atmosphere, giving students a good chance to learn and exchange information.

Ending the lecture, the students of the Faculty of Business Administration also had chance to listen to sharing of Dr. Shane about the relationship between the producers and the environment-related issues. Dr. Shane reminded: "The operation of a business must be closely linked with social responsibility".

The lecture was one of activities of the Faculty of Business Administration, UEB, aiming at providing students with practical, updated and international knowledge, helping students equip themselves with the knowledge and skills to meet the increasing demands of society.

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