Career Talk - the "soft degree" for graduating students

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The series of Career Talk is not only highly valued in the innovation of problem approaching methodology but also successful in the selecting practical topics close to students. The program has become an annually indispensable forum of the student of Faculty of Finance and Banking in particular and students of UEB in general.

Career Talk is a professional forum developed by UEB in collaboration with Al Capital fund management company (the exclusive sponsor) to organize this event every year since 2012; with the initial goal is to support students of high-qualified program of the Faculty of Finance - Banking (UEB) in recognizing suitable career for themselves.


Throughout the program, Career Talk presents practical themes which are very close to future jobs of students, along with stories of professional experiences, secrets of success from famous scholars and entrepreneurs attending the program.


With its innovative approach and practical contents, right after the first season, Career Talk has created an unexpected effect in attracting hundreds of students in the whole university to involve, and become one of the most anticipated events of students in the academic year before the graduation ceremony.


Each Career Talk associates with a most currently “hot” professional topic, such as: "investment industry and investment analysis," "Being a master or a boss - the road to success" or "Why I choose a consultation career?, which has created the fascinating attraction for the program.


The talk with Mr. Mac Quang Huy - CEO of Maritime Bank Securities Company and Mr. Nguyen The Hoang - Deputy Head of Investment Department - Vietcombank. Chairing the program is Mr. Hoang D. Quan (leftmost)


At the forums, students are not only equipped with knowledge and skills to participate in careers in the field of finance and banking (consultation, investment analysis, brokerage, capital and foreign currency venture) but are also shared the concerns, feelings, interests and aspirations of their chosen professions.


More specifically, they have opportunities to learn from real stories and lessons of success of famous speakers such as Ms. To Minh Huong - CEO of Morgan Stanley Gateway Securities Co., Vietnam, Mr. David Rose - CFA, Director of ASEAN Advisory Company (a company from US and based in Singapore), Mr. David P.O'Neil - CEO, ASEAN Fund Management company and Ms. Nguyen Phuong Nga - Director of financial consulting services of Ernst & Young Ltd. company in Vietnam.


Mr. Phung Duc Quyen (a student from class QH-2009-E TCNH TA), who participated in Career Talk from the first season, expressed his feelings: "I was extremely lucky to attend all sessions of Career Talk while studying at the Faculty of Finance and Banking. I was very impressed by the way each season of Career Talk was organized with different themes and different approaches. In this program, I had opportunities to meet with successful entrepreneurs. They brings more strength and willpower to me for being determined to pursue my dreams. "


It is known that Quyen won the first prize in the "Vietnamese scientific young talents Award" in 2013. And in his 4th year of the university, he was admitted to do internship in AI Capital Company and became an officer of one of the largest financial institutions in Vietnam.


Phung Duc Quyen is one of the students that has been awarded with the “soft degree” by Career Talk. It is also a great experience, orientation and practical knowledge needed to step into a new career path together with the “hard degree” (the bachelor degree) in hand.


Beside distinguished guests who are professionals with years of experiences, Career Talk also invites successful young entrepreneurs to share their experiences


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi Thanh Tu - Dean of Faculty of Finance and Banking, co-founder of the program, shared that: "Career Talk is the dedication and efforts of the Board of Dean of the Faculty with our objectives to provide students with practical knowledge beside knowledge on books that they have learned in class. Through the series of Career Talk, we expect to open up more opportunities for students to meet with the leading experts in the financial and banking sector, helping them to quickly find a job related to their training right after graduation".


Mr. Hoang D. Quan - President of AI Capital, one of the co-founder emphasized: "Career Talk origins from the real story of me and the desire for young people in Vietnam. I want to bring them more practical tools, “soft” tools to step into a new journey with full confidence and knowledge, from which contributing to the prosperity of the country ".



Career Talk programs attracts a lot of students to attend and listen


7 season of Career Talk has passed; the program has attracted nearly 1,000 students of the university to attend. Not only providing them with knowledge and soft skills before graduation, Career Talk creates many job opportunities for the students. There are many students who were recruited by the presenters of the program.

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