Opening admission for BSBA Troy program

From 1st July 2018, VNU University of Economics and Business opens admission for intake 17, term 2018 - 2020, of the Bachelor of Science in Business and Administration - the joint training program between the UEB and Troy University, US.

BSBA Troy program enables students to have an educational program with international standards in Vietnam, to receive an international degree with reasonable fees.

The main language used in teaching is English. The program, educational quality are monitored by Troy University to guarantee according to Troy University standards in United States including internationally-recognized teachers and academic methods, updated study documents and modern equipment.

1. Admission limits: 160 students
2. Program: Bachelor of Science in Business and Administration, 3 majors: International Business, Human resource management and Finance management.
3. Program Curriculum
  • BSBA Troy program consists of 42 subjects (122 credits). The curriculum is the same as Troy University curriculum in the United States to guarantee academic results.
  • Troy University instructors are responsible for 21 subjects (61 credits) and the rest 21 subjects belong to UEB - VNU instructors (100% instructors have master degree or higher).
4. Requirements

To be qualified for the admission to the program, students must have:

  • Certificate of high school graduation.
  • High school transcripts with no subjects under 6.0/10 points or equivalent.
  • A valid international IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL iBT > 61.

If the candidate does not have an international English certificate, he/she must sit for the admission exam and would be put in English classes established by UEB – VNU. The IELTS and TOEFL must be submitted before the program.

5. Expected timetable
  • With candidates receiving English certificate before September 30th 2018: admitted in Fall semester - in October.
  • With candidates not receiving English certificate before September 30th 2018: admitted in English classes in October 2018. When candidate has the certificate, he/she can be officially admitted in the program.

(i) Spring semester 02/2019

(ii) Summer semester 7/2019

4. Registration and submission

  • Admission fee: 90 USD (30 USD registered in Vietnam and 60 USD registered in the United States).
  • Tuition: 10.890 USD - paid in the beginning of each semester.

Candidates needs consultancy, please contact:

VNU University of Economics and Business

Center for International Training and Education

Room 106 - Building E4 - 144 Xuan Thuy - Cau Giay - Ha Noi

Telephone: 04. 3 754 99 01, Hotline: 0986442868


VNU University of Economics and Business

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