Workshop on wikipedia at Faculty of Banking and Finance

On 22nd March, 2018, Faculty of Banking and Finance, VNU University of Economics and Business, held a workshop on Wikipedia presented by Mr. Anirudh S. Bhati from the Greater Mekong Research Center. The workshop was attended by lecturers and students of the Faculty.

At the workshop, UEB’s lecturers and students were introduced to the overall scope of Wikipedia, its policies and practices. Mr. Anirudh S. Bhati also provided the attendants with handy links to the most useful features and resources of Wikipedia, as well as exercises to practice actual editing.

After the introduction about the Wikipedia platform, Mr. Anirudh S. Bhati gave exercises for the attendants to do actual editing on Wikipedia page. He also talked about how to cite books, documents, adding photos etc. After the detailed instructions, lecturers and students were able to set up a page, contribute articles, add photos and participate in the Wikipedia system.

In the coming time, the Faculty of Banking and Finance plans to organize more training sessions with international experts to improve capacity of its students and faculty members.

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