Seminar: Troy Students - 5 advantages to success

On May 20th 2018, VNU University of Economics and Business hosted the seminar titled “Troy Students - 5 advantages to success” to provide pupils and their parents the information about admissions process, quality, studying environment of BBA Troy program.

BBA Troy is the co-operation program between UEB - VNU and Troy University. Troy University ranks among the best 46 public university in the United States. Troy University has been a partner of UEB - VNU since 2004.

The seminar “Troy Students – 5 advantages to success” consists of 3 parts, as follows:

  • Part 1: Seminar: “Troy Students - 5 advantages to success”
  • Part 2: English Testing
  • Part 3: Admission guidance

BBA Troy provides students with highly-qualified classrooms, English-speaking environments and 50% of lecturers from the United States based university (other lecturers are certified annually by Troy University). BBA Troy program consists of 42 subjects (122 credits). The curriculum is the same as Troy University curriculum in the United States to guarantee academic results.

Troy University is situated in Alabama, the United Stated and is accredited by Southern Associations for colleges and schools. In addition, students have the opportunity to transfer to International Campus of Troy University in Alabama. 

To be qualified for the admission to the program, students must have:

  • Requirement 1: High school transcripts with no subjects under 7.0/10 points or equivalent.
  • Requirement 2: Total points in A00, A01, D07, D08 subjects above 20/30 points in National Graduation Examination
  • Requirement 3:

>> Unconditionally admissions: Students with a valid international IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL iBT > 61.

>> Conditionally Admissions:

  • Students with English subjects in high school transcripts higher than 7.0/10
  • Students with English subjects in National Graduation Examination higher than 7.0/10

For Tuition, registered students must pay an admission fee equivalent to 100 USD (40 USD registered in Vietnam and 60 USD registered in the United States) and the tuition is 10.890 USD paid in the beginning of each semester.

Candidates needs consultancy, please contact:


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