[Video] Short course for Srilanka MBA students at UEB-VNU

This short course for 93 MBA graduate students intake 10 and 13 lecturers from Kelaniya University (Srilanka) was held by UEB-VNU from 8th to 10th of May, 2018. The course is in line with the policy of internationalizing higher education, enhancing international cooperation in order to improve the quality of training and scientific research of UEB.

Joining this course, graduate students of Srilanka have a chance to learn about multinational corporations, especially in a country that attracts many multinationals like Vietnam. With the theme "Multinational Corporations and the Investment Environment in Vietnam" shared by highly qualified Vietnamese and international lecturers, the program is considered to be very attractive and has brought the unforgettable experience to the students of Srilanka.


Sharing the feel about the course, student Luke Jayaweera said: "I can describe my feelings about the course in one word: amazing. This is my first visit to Vietnam, but I have heard a lot about your country. We learned about the products and the systems. That's great, like making my dreams come true, really great. Again, I would like to thank the VNU University of Economics and Business for organizing this course. "

It is known that after this course VNU University of Economics and Business and University of Kelaniya will continue to progress to officially signed for cooperation in many fields. It is hoped that the regular cooperation between the two parties will create a positive contribution to the further strengthening of the traditional friendship between Vietnam and Sri Lanka.


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