Learners of Master program in Financial Institution Management had seminar with Canadian expert

The seminar was hosted by Prof. Richard D. Beason from Canada
On August 12th, 2018 VNU University of Economics and Business held a seminar for students of the Master Program in Management of Financial Institution.

At the seminar, learners of Master program in Financial Institution Management had chances to listen and talk to Prof. Richard D. Beason on various issues in banking and finance as well as research results of Prof. Beason on corporate governance and experiences from banks around the world.


Prof. Beason is a leading expert in banking management. In particular, with 10 years of experience in Japan, he is well-versed in banking and finance systems in Asia. His research interest includes ownership structures, bank governance and performance evaluation. He has published many valuable research results in prestigious international journals. He used to be a scholar in Research and Economics Institute, Japan Bank, Advanced Research Fund (FAIR, Japan), Institute of Monetary Policy and Finance, Ministry of Finance, Government of Japan and many other organizations and companies.


During the seminars, the learners discussed with Prof. Richard D. Beason about working experiences in Vietnam and their real problems at work. The topic on how to apply management experiences of foreign banks and financial organizations into Vietnam was also brought up.

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