The reasons why international students are eager to study at UEB

Building an international learning environment with multicultural experiences has become UEB’s training goal.

Students are given the opportunities to develop and broaden their vision with a variety of academic and cultural exchange programs with leading universities in the world. With a diverse learning environment, UEB has attracted many foreign students to join and experience the international semester.

"Multinational" environment 

In the school year 2018 - 2019, UEB will welcome many international students from countries, such as France, Denmark, Germany, Japan etc. to exchange and study. Sharing the reasons for choosing Vietnam and UEB to experience the international semester, an international student said: "I decided to choose Vietnam and UEB as destinations to study and explore Vietnamese culture and development. UEB’ learning environment is very friendly; the teachers and students are very nice and kind. I am thankful for the warm welcome from the University”.


Currently, UEB has five international students from the University of Rennes - France; three from SDU - Denmark; one from the University of Regensburg - Germany; one Japanese student from Oita University and two doctoral students from Austria who took part in exchange courses. In the near future, UEB continue promoting student exchange program with Yokohama National University, Waseda University - Japan, and a group of graduate students from Sri Lanka.

Diverse international exchange activities


With the goal of internationalization of education, improving the quality of teaching and learning, highlighting the practicality of study and research, UEB has continuously expanded international cooperation with not only domestic universities and enterprises but also foreign countries in order to offer international students the opportunity to connect and make friends with Vietnamese students and teachers as well as help UEB’s student have more chances to interact with international students and lecturers.


In addition, UEB offers a wide range of extracurricular activities and practical internships at enterprises. Hence, UEB’s international students are not only learned the skills and knowledge, but also experienced the field trips or activities in enterprises. With a large number of business partners, international students have connected experiences in enterprises with their major. Through these activities, International students and UEB's students will gain meaningful lessons and experiences.


UEB - connecting multinational friends

UEB's students are always hospitable hosts with a variety of exchanges and support to help international friends explore Vietnamese people, life and culture. International students can participate in programs such as Orientation day which introduce about Vietnam with friendly people and special culture; City Tour which students can discover the famous landmarks in Hanoi and historical stories behind each place; Food Tour - Experience the culinary highlights of Hanoi’s 36 streets... This is an opportunity for UEB’s students to share and learn about of international students’ life, people, learning methods.

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