Study environment of internationalization - The outstanding advantage of UEB students

International lectures, exchanges program, study with foreign students and lecturer sand participate in international conference... are parts of opportunities that UEB’s students have during their time at university.

Internationalization orientation has become global trend. When the students get familiar with working in multinational environment during college time, they will easily take part in the global trend and work in other countries. This trend has been popularized among UEB’s students.
Yokohama's students present at the student exchange between in the UEB
Every year, the UEB welcomes many international students from advanced countries in the world such as France, Denmark, Germany, Japan etc. to learn and take part in culture/academic exchange.
Field trip to factories in Vietnam
Recently, the UEB has received students from Yokohama National University (Japan) to exchange with UEB’s students. This is a great opportunity for the students to learn and make friends with each other. During the exchange course, the students of the two universities take part in international symposium: “Japanese management in Asia: Cross the cultural border”, visited some Vietnam companies, including TOTO Vietnam Co., Ltd and Son Ha Group. They also had chance to join cultural and academic exchange to learn about each other.
UEB's students at Yokohama National University
At the UEB, the students are taught in foreign languages. In addition, the University regularly organizes cultural exchange activities for international students so that UEB students have a good chance to connect, learn from foreign students, which helps them become dynamic global citizens.
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