Visiting Wawel Palace - ancient capital of Cracow

Wawel Palace (the ancient capital of Cracow) was designed with Gothic style. For centuries, this was the residence of the Polish kings. Dr. Michal Kudlacz - a lecturer from Cracow University of Economics, gave the students of Faculty of Development Economics in the lecture “Take a tour to the Wawel Palace” at his lecture on 13th November, 2018.

Within the framework of the Erasmus 20 + project, a delegation of lecturers from Cracow University of Economics (Poland) visited VNU University of Economics and Business. On this occasion, the Faculty of Development Economics held the seminar "Urban Economics. From theory to practice" with the presentation of Dr. Michal Kudlacz.

Previously, on the morning of 13th November, Dr. Michal Kudlacz also gave a lecture to students of the Faculty of Development Economics. In the lecture, the students were provided with "keywords", knowledge in the field of local and regional development, especially in urban networks. The lecture draws students' attention through case studies and lively discussion.
At the seminar, Dr. Michal Kudlacz presented an overview of urban economics. In the presentation, he introduces an interdisciplinary approach in urban research, which addresses the economic, cultural and social aspects of cities. The specific issues of the metropolis are discussed: spatial development, development motivation, globalization, the process of the formation of the megacities, the digitization of the urban economy. In addition, he also provided a further evidence of the urbanization process in Poland for the students to discuss and learn.

In the next part, Dr. Bui Dai Dung, Head of the Department of Public Policy, gave a presentation on "Economic Structure and Economic Growth: International Evidence and Recommendations for Vietnam". The study seeks to find evidence of the impact of economic structure on growth, thus offering recommendations to policymakers.
The presentations attracted the students with many questions were given on public administration system, free market mechanism, development policies, public administration model and urban management models.

The seminar was a great opportunity for students to have more knowledge in urban economics, research and development. This is a part of UEB’s orientation in globalization, which gives the students opportunities to learn and approach education from developed countries over the world.

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