Innovation of student internship at the UEB

On 20th December 2018, the meeting on innovation of student internship was held at the Hall 801 to discuss the ways to diversify student internship.

The meeting was chaired by Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Truc Le and attended by leaders of UEB’s units.

Opening the meeting, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Truc Le pointed out the limitations of current internship, in which the students have limited chances to learn and work. He highlighted that, education means theory combined practices. Lectures at classes are obviously not enough for the students to adapt the working environment after graduation.


He said, each discipline has its own skill set, the faculties and school need to build the standard skill set for its students. The students completed the skill set will be awarded certificates.


At the meeting, leaders of faculties and offices gave comments on the ideas and most agreed that the skill set would motivate the students in their internship. It’s also needed to reach a consensus with UEB’s partners on how to train the students during their internship.


Leaders of academic affairs said, it’s needed to diversify the model of student internship, which is unnecessarily limited within the time working at enterprises but also time for conference, events of the universities, youth and community activities etc.

At the meeting, UEB’s leaders reach a common agreement on innovation of student internship. UEB’s Rector assigned the Office of Academic Affairs in building the skill sets for each discipline. Especially, he highlighted the importance of diversify the model of student internship, which promises to improve the quality of education, ensuring the outcomes and high standard of UEB’s graduates.
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