UEB’s admissions 2019: 5 high quality training programs

The open day of UEB taking place on 17th March at Hanoi University of Science and Technology attracted thousands of interested candidates.

Following the global trend of training high quality human resources, many universities have promoted internationalization of education, raising the outcome standards. In 2018, VNU University of Economics and Business succeed in undertaking the 4 training programs. This year, the university has officially announced that the disciplines of Economics would be transferred from standard training to high quality training programs following Circular 23 of Ministry of Education and Training.


Among various universities crowded at the event, UEB's admission attracted a large number of students. This year, UEB's limits reach 1200, in which 5 disciplines of high quality training programs, including International Economics and Business, Business Administration, Accounting, Banking and Finance, Economics; the remaining discipline of Development Economics will be the only standard training programs. In addition, UEB also cooperates with Troy University (USA) to organize the Business Administration program in which students will study at UEB and get the degree from Troy University.


Receiving a lot of interest from the high school students, UEB’s students have directly advised the candidates on the selection and examination methods. In particular, UEB’s students introduced the learning environment, international joint programs, student exchange programs and dozens of scholarships when studying at the UEB to high school students and their parents.


Many high school students are interested in joining the UEB member of the VNU, which ranked No.1 in Vietnam and 124th in  Asia, top 1000 of best universities in the world. Studying at the UEB, students can pursuit another program from VNU's member university. When they graduate, they will receive two degrees at the same time, which increase their chances of obtaining a good job after graduation.


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