Italian expert to give lecture to UEB’s learners

On his working trip to VNU University of Economics and Business, Dr. Claudio Petti from Salento University, Italy had a lecture for students of master in financial institution management on value innovation.

Attending the lecture, there were Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Trung Thanh from Faculty of Finance and Banking. Dr. Claudio Petti came to Vietnam in March 2019 within the framework of KITFEM project.

Under the theme of value innovation, Dr. Claudio gave the students of financial institution management an insight on the true value of innovation. His talk covered the concept of value and innovation and case study in financial sector. To illustrate the importance of value innovation, he gave a vivid example on the case of PS 3 consoles, which was created with the best technological base but turned out to be a failure of Sony Group.


With various cases and detailed explanation, the talk drew attention with a conclusion: What matters most in technological entrepreneurship is not the relative or absolute newness, rather it is the value that this newness and the underlying technology bring to the customer, which in the end will drive his decision to buy or not to buy and that the "right" technology is the technology which will allow to develop new products/features that are considered to deliver superior value to the customers, which means that will increase the benefits and decrease the costs (of any kind).


After the lecture, Dr. Claudio said, he highly valued the curriculum of the course, which equips necessary skills and knowledge for staff and leaders in banking, financial institutions etc.

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