UEB’s Internship program 2019

“The lessons learnt from the internship will be the possessions for life, which accompanying the students in their future career. The internship will bring new experiences and opportunities for personal development.”

This is what being shared by Dr. Hoang Khac Lich - Head of Office of Human Resources at the brief summary of internship program held on 29th March 2019. The ceremony was attended by over 20 interns and students of the university.

UEB’s internship program was officially launched in July 2017. After two year of implementation, the program attracted over 500 students to register and more than 100 interns working at offices and faculties of the university. Through the program, 10 staff being chosen to take up positions at the university.


Vu Long – Intern of Office of Research and Partnership Development said, I received warm welcome from staff of the office. I got involved in organization of conferences, reception of foreign partners and students etc. I am thankful for the University for what I learnt from these experiences.


Dang Thi Thai Binh – Intern of Faculty of Development Economics said, I wished my internship would last for some other months. My internship gave me chances to learn, gained valuable and memorable experiences.

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