UEB's newest training program 2019: High quality training program in economics

In 2019, VNU University of Economics and Business developed another high quality training program in Economics with outstanding advantages, which opens further opportunities for students in the coming future.

1. Update the latest economic development trend in the world.

The high quality training program in economics was developed with reference to the curriculum from advanced universities over the world. The students are equipped with scientific thinking, ability to identify the trendy development of the world as well as apply the knowledge into practice.

2. Over 20% of subjects taught in English

Foreign language, especially specialized language can be a big challenge for Vietnamese students. Therefore, the training program of economics has 9 subjects taught in English. The students are constantly exposed to knowledge in English and chances to take part in exchange programs with foreign students. The requirement for language proficiency is equivalent to Ielts score of 5.5-6.0. This is a firm foundation for the students to get the jobs in the context of globalization.


3. Practical experiences during college life

With the high quality training program, the students from the second year will be sent to study tour at enterprises and companies. This is a valuable opportunities for the students to learn about the real market, the economy as well as operation of enterprises. Students from these programs will have more chances to take part in internship and study tour during their third and fourth year at the university, which help them to get familiar with working environment and obtain necessary skills for work.

4. Training of soft skills and career orientation

Students of high quality training programs in economics will be equipped with soft skills, negotiation skills and social criticism… This is the outstanding advantage of graduates from the program.

The graduates can take up the positions in financial analysis, consultancy in economic organizations, agencies and international corporations in Vietnam. Besides, the students can work as lecturers, researcher at research institution and educational organizations.

5. Lecturers of high qualifications and experiences

The lecturers of high qualifications are the most important factor in a high quality training program. VNU University of Economics and Business put the first priority in developing the lecturers. Its lecturers of experts, researchers and businessmen are of high qualification with 70% graduated from advanced universities, 77% are doctors and 26.4% are professor and associate professor. The teaching was based on student-centered method, which helps the students to develop self-thinking, creativity and research capacity as well as working independently.

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