UEB expected to open joint training programs with provinces

Pursuant to the guidance No. 4588/HD-DHQGHN dated 28th November, 2017 on organizing the training programs of undergraduate and graduate level in provinces in the Northwest, Central Highlands, Southwestern regions and the central key economic zones, within the framework of the cooperation agreement between VNU University of Economics and Business and local universities, namely Hai Duong University, Hai Duong Province; Pham Van Dong University, Quang Ngai Province, Dong A University, Da Nang city; in 2019, the UEB expects to implement the master joint training program with these universities:

 Cooperation with Hai Duong University, Hai Duong province:

- Business administration
- Public policy and development
Cooperation with Pham Van Dong University, Quang Ngai province:
- International Economics 
- Public policy and development
Cooperation with Dong A University, Da Nang city:
- Public policy and development
The joint training programs aim at training the high quality human resources for the provinces of Hai Duong, Quang Ngai and Da Nang. At the same time, it also improves the connection between Vietnam National University, Hanoi and Hai Duong province, Quang Ngai province and Da Nang city.
Introduction about master's training programs:
The Master of Business Administration is designed to equip learners with scientific thinking, strategic thinking and operational skills in areas such as: Organization Leadership, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Project Management, Risk Management... Learners are also trained in problem solving and decision making skills, foundation of business ethics and corporate culture, know how to implement corporate social responsibility in a proper way to harmonize benefits in society.
The Master of Public Policy and Development provides students with theoretical, methodological and practical knowledge together with tools to analyze public policy. The program helps students understand the planning, implementation and administration of development policy strategies of the government, agencies, social organizations and businesses. It also meets the intensive research/teaching needs of public policy and development.

The Master program in International Economics equips the learners with in-depth knowledge to work in the areas of international trade, finance and investment, supply chains and logistics; improve leadership and management skills, as well as enhance the ability to handle practical situations and implement specific tasks such as analyzing and consulting on public policy; planning and implementing projects on international trade, finance and investment, supply chain and logistics.

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