UEB's valedictorian in 2019

Luu Thi Ngoc Bich - UEB’s valedictorian, student from Faculty of Accounting and Auditing QH-2015-E shared her feeling after graduation. Let’s explore her amazing journey during 4 years at the UEB!

Career inspirations from teachers

“When having very first steps on university threshold, you seem not to determine your true passion; yet, all you need is to keep your choice and passion will come to you soon” – shared by Ngoc Bich. On the first days entering UEB, Ngoc Bich felt quite strange with new environment, friends and teachers. However, with friendly and caring teachers, Bich as well as other UEB freshman gradually adapted to new learning method of the university.

Bich Ngoc receives the certificate of merit from Rector of the UEB 

During the school days, Ngoc Bich received faculties’ encouragement and future career orientation. “Actually, I was quite ambiguous about learning environment at first, however teachers of the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing helped me a lot to understand different job opportunities” - shared by Ngoc Bich. With modern learning techniques and detailed cases from business, lectures help students to easily approach to knowledge and find their own goals in the future. Ngoc Bich also expressed: “I understand the lessons quite fast thanks to teachers’ guidance. We do not learn theory only, but we also put it into practice. Students of the Faculty of Accounting also discover practical experience with detailed numbers during learning process”. In addition to major lectures, Students participate in the process of work solving through internship programs at business and agencies.


Teachers are not only a great source of knowledge but they are also students’ companion helping them to make the best choices for their future. During the learning process, teachers are always students’ biggest inspiration, together dealing with difficulties until the graduation day.

The UEB scholarship is a big motivation

During 4 years of studying at the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing at UEB, Ngoc Bich receive many scholarships from the university and international organizations. Besides the scholarship for students with outstanding academic results, Bich is also honored to receive other scholarships such as Thakral Scholarship worth 55,000,000 VND; Fuyo Scholarship – Japan, etc.

Scholarships create good chances for students to pursue their dreams and make them come true. Scholarships are the best evidence for students’ effort, showing that those efforts are truly recognized. Moreover, more jobs are opened to us after graduation with these prestigious scholarships, and many businesses can accept us to work immediately without much time of trial.

VNU University of Business and Economics: Solid foundation for future


Ngoc Bich sent a messenger to the next UEB freshmen: “University is a whole new world, a new life with new challenges, and you must learn to adapt that. There will not be any easiness at first, you have to get used to a completely new learning method with your own self-control and self-determination. Don’t hesitate to communicate with teachers about what you want to know as UEB teachers are extremely close, friendly and enthusiastic”. With Ngoc Bich, studying at UEB is one of the best decisions in her life, helps her gain solid base of knowledge as well as other skills so that she can be confident to conquer employers and define clear future orientation for herself.

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