There are “giddy” UEB’s lecturers

3 "giddy" UEB' lecturers
That is what colleagues call 3 lecturers of VNU University of Economics and Business, including Dr. Dinh Thi Thanh Van, Dr. Hoang Thi Bao Thoa, Dr. Trinh Thi Phan Lan, who are members of Vietnam Financial Literacy Network.

The nickname came from the period when the lecturers coordinated to create two board games for teaching financial literacy at undergraduate and graduate programs as well as short course at the UEB.

The traditional learning approach makes students become passive, leading to ineffective performance. Personal finance classes are not really effective in helping to strengthen learners' financial management skills. Teachers find it hard to illustrate how practical financial management decisions in the family affect the future.

Learn and play at the same time 

With these concerns, the 3 lecturers in the Group has worked so hard to create 2 board games that simulate financial activities of families. A lot of sketches and repairs were made for the final game versions. Through playing games, learners can draw lessons, evaluate opportunities and risks, and gain the most effective financial management strategies.

 Game Table of Family simulation and Financial Race 

After putting simulation games into practical teaching, the group received very positive feedback. Some lecturers at other universities also want to use simulation games to teach students and also invite the group to share experiences. Playing board games is a way to help children, families, and students get engaged activities, learn and play, avoid eyes on the iphone, ipad, and television screens. In response to this demand, the team worked with the game production company and will launch game board instruction products, the family game set for the future.

Dr. Dinh Thi Thanh Van, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Finance and Banking, UEB said that financial education helps enhancing people’ understanding of finance and plays an important role in finance market development and economic growth. She also wants to use their research results to create new games products, aiming to renew teaching methods of finance and banking.

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