FIBE’s students to do internship in Thailand

Recently, the Faculty of International Business and Economics of VNU University of Economics and Business organized the internship for 44 students of QH-2016-E in Bangkok, Thailand.

This is the first time the faculty has sent the whole class to do the internship abroad. Assoc.Prof. Nguyen Viet Khoi - Associate Dean and Dr. Nguyen Thi Vu Ha - lecturer of the Faculty organized and guided the trip.

After arriving at Thailand on August 1st, the class had a chance to meet Thailand leading experts at the United Nation. The experts introduced the class with useful information about the UN, agencies, organizations and operational objectives, etc.


During the meeting, the UN experts also mentioned the goal of “Climate Action” - a global issue that needs the responsibility of all countries around the world, especially the developed countries with the environment. Also, the students were told about the Economic and Social Commission Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) - a regional organization was found in 1947, under the direction of the United Nations headquarters. ESCAP has 53 member countries and 9 additional members. The information extremely benefits the students of the Faculty of International Economics, especially with the presentation of experts currently working at UN.

On the next day, UEB’ students attended the meeting with the Ambassador of Vietnam in Thailand - General Nguyen Hai Bang. During the meeting, the students listened to Thailand's socio-economic issues today as well as the relationship between Vietnam and Thailand, especially in trade and investment.

Ambassador Nguyen Hai Bang said, Vietnam is the only Southeast Asian country that Thailand builds a strategic partnership with and both are committed to strengthen the tie.


On the remaining days in Thailand, UEB’ students visited many places, enjoyed famous views in Thailand and learned more about the culture, history and political issues. The trip has created a closer relationship of class members as well as broaden their knowledge of socio-economic issues outside Vietnam.


It was such a memorable journey for all members of the class. The students have learned a lot, which made them concerned about the economy and human of Vietnam and valued the political peace.

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