A breakthrough of UEB with the new subject "Design Thinking"

In the 2019-2020 school year, VNU University of Economics and Business going to put a new subject in the curriculum – Design Thinking, with the aim to stimulate creativity among students.

With the rapid development of technology, in order to best meet the demands of employers, employees need to have creative thinking, an innovative spirit as well as scientific and adequate problem-solving skills. The world's leading universities such as Stanford University or Harvard University all include in their curriculum the subject called “Innovation”.

From the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, the VNU’s educators of start-ups (VIBERS) with in-depth training on innovation from top experts of the Innovation Academy, University College Dublin, Ireland, have implemented this subject in both forms as an official subject in the curriculum and as a short-term subject throughout the Vietnam National University, Hanoi (University of Economics and Business, University of Languages & International Studies, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Education, University of Engineering and Technology, University of Science, etc.). The program has received a lot of positive feedback from students as well as overseas partners. Many projects and business ideas have been being nourished.

UEB students attend the course on thinking innovation and creativity 

Nguyen Thi Thu Ha (QH-2017-E KTQT) said: “With the 6 steps in problem-solving, Design Thinking brings a new approach to problems through empathy, from which everyone can develop the most comprehensive and appropriate problem solving plans. Design Thinking course involves an unique teaching method which helps students understand the steps of Design Thinking through group assignment as well as valuable practical experience. To me, this is an absolutely interesting and meaningful course!

Ms. Josephin Galla – Managing Director of SAP Vietnam also stated that this course is extremely useful for her staffs; and because Vietnamese students have not yet studied this subject, almost 100% of her corporation’s new employees will be trained with Design Thinking before starting to work officially.

In order to raise the students’ values, University of Economics and Business – VNU has developed the subject of Design thinking to equip students with: (1) The spirit of innovation , (2) Creative thinking, (3) Resourcefulness and adaptation to changes in the environment.

In addition, the course is specifically designed s for students of UEB to know how to design products, to solve problems in a customer-oriented mindset starting from the issues of customer/business. At the same time, the course also contributes to equip students with teamwork skills and also presentation skills in the most creative and inspiring manner.

The course promises to make a breakthrough in student thinking as well as make a difference in training closely associated with the reality of UEB

By participating in the course, students will be offered the opportunity to experience new ideas and to recognize failures in order to achieve great integrity in future life and career.

Through constant challenges in the learning process, the course is expected to help students reconsider their thoughts and behaviors in everyday life activities as well as form innovative thinking together with a lifelong learning spirit. They will have the chance to experience creative and exciting learning journeys with different levels of emotion, solidarity and efficiency.

The course is expected to be available for students from the University of Economics and Business – VNU starting from the 2019 - 2020 school year as a 3-credit optional course.
Photos of the course:

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